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A PRIVATE PODCAST SERIES Starting March 25, 2024

A success shortcut for busy, established

Women Entrepreneurs

so you can keep growing your  business with ease

so you can keep
growing your business with ease.

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What We'll Be Covering In This Private Podcast Series:

Keep Up With the Ever-Changing Online World

How to Make Strategic Decisions for You're Unique Business, Not Based On What Worked For Others

How to Maintain Optimal Wellness, Resilience, Time Freedom and Success During Interesting Times

And so much more…


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Learn the secrets to navigating the

light-speed changes

As accomplished entrepreneurs, it’s typical to be “on an island” because we’ve outgrown a lot of mainstream support and don’t have a lot of expendable time.

We can all agree that EVERYTHING is changing at lightspeed and if we don’t stay on top of these mind-blowing changes, we will be left wondering how we got left behind.

Our goal is that you walk away with tools, aha’s, and strategies that address challenges specific to women business owners. Specifically, women who have already made a name for themselves and are determined to make a massive impact, so you feel more confident to continue leading your clients, your family, and yourself on your entrepreneurial journey.

You’ll love these quick & bingeable

speaker interviews

Tiffany Neuman

The Key to Unlocking Exponential Growth, Despite Any Circumstance

Danielle Weil

Launch Your Programs With Ease and Flow

Sherry Lukey

The Surprising Barrier to Your Ultimate Success

Jessica Fearnley

Becoming Your Next Level Self as a Peaceful 7-figure Consultant

Crecia Cipriano

The Power of Intuition-Driven Decisionmaking

Deborah McDaniel

Healing Your Attachment to Being the CEO

Penny Kelley

Transform Your Digital Presence Into a Client-Attracting Powerhouse

Tracy May

Navigating Change and Finding Breakthroughs - Insights from a Resilient Preemie Mom

Leslie Hurst

Master Aging Well with AgeWise Wellbeing

This is not your

“regular” summit

This is not one of those:

… “sit-at-your-computer-watching-dozens-of-presentations-till-your-eyes-bleed” summits. As a matter of fact, there is NO VIDEO -you won’t be tied to your computer screen at all.

… summits filled with extra events or crazy schedules you don’t have time for.

… promo-heavy, “buy-my-stuff” salesy webinar disguised as a learning event.

This is a

micro audio summit

… an audio-only, interview-style event that you can “binge-listen” to just like a podcast. (Listen in your car, walking the dog, on your spin bike, etc.)

… just a handful of curated expert speakers sharing their specific strategy and tactics on how to navigate owning a business during epic times. You won’t have “information overload” so you’re more likely to actually take action and implement what you learn.

we’re not selling you a VIP Pass upsell. As long as you register (for free) during the registration window, you’ll keep your access to the interviews so you can go back to them over and over.

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Networking. Sisterhood. Time-saving Growth.

A community for established women entrepreneurs that will support you to rise into your business legacy.