Growing businesses, together.

Growing stronger, together.

Do you feel beyond ready to break through
to your next level of business?

So you can:

Form win-win referral partnerships with other service providers, business owners and coaches who send qualified leads your way

Feel energized and fulfilled by your business - your clients get the best version of you each day, and you’re making a huge impact on the world because you have people in your corner

Run your dream business while still having lots of time to spend with the people you love doing the things you love most (and less time on social)

Tune in to what works best for you, and have a sacred space to receive aligned guidance from peers, not simply a strategy that worked for someone else

Grow your network easily and effortlessly with like-minded women

Are you ready to be part of a truly supportive community?
One that doesn’t simply make you feel more busy and overwhelmed?

Where you can be authentically you while growing your business through strategic collaboration among REAL business friends?

Are you ready to be part of a truly supportive community?
One that doesn’t simply make you feel more busy and overwhelmed?

Where you can be authentically you while growing your business through strategic collaboration among REAL business friends?

Communities are truly the most powerful coaches.

Communities are truly the most powerful coaches.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with the guidance of trusted mentors and peers.


The truth is, it’s best to have diverse mentors with different backgrounds and specialties so that you can get personalized feedback to help you overcome and navigate your unique challenges, needs, and opportunities. 


And, just as important,  we need to surround ourselves with other powerful women, to help raise the vibration, empower and encourage one another, so we can be a collective force to create change for the next generation.

In The Legacy Lounge Collective

You will:

Explore next steps in your business with a group of co-experts who understand your path and purpose

Be seen, heard and understood for who you are and where you are in your business

Receive support to overcome what’s holding you back from fully stepping into your CEO role

Be a part of a group of fierce yet friendly collaborative colleagues

And of course, increase your income and impact!

In The Legacy Lounge Collective

You will:

Explore next steps in your business with a group of co-experts who understand your path and purpose

Be seen, heard and understood for who you are and where you are in your business

Receive support to overcome what’s holding you back from fully stepping into your CEO role

Be a part of a group of fierce yet friendly collaborative colleagues

And of course, increase your income and impact!

As busy business owners, we don’t have a ton of time.

Memberships full of free content take a ton of time and tend to simply provide more education… not help with implementation or moving the needle.

Courses that have no mentorship or great community typically end up in the course graveyard.

And Masterminds that cost anywhere from 10 – 50 thousand dollars bring in guest experts that tend to only teach you the way of the leader who’s running it.

Now there is not inherently anything wrong with any of these. Yet when I personally have been part of a membership or purchased courses, I found that the biggest value was knowledge.

And when I paid $30 K a year for various masterminds, I found that the biggest value I received was actually the RELATIONSHIPS I formed with other women.

This is exactly where I was myself because none of the “tactics” that the “gurus” were sharing ever felt quite right…

I read ALL the best business and self-development books a million times, gave my credit card a workout investing in coaching, courses, and masterminds – and still felt like something was missing to help me move to the next level of my business.


I was stuck and I didn’t know how to build the LEGACY that I wanted.


I tried and tried to find a community of other businesswomen who were experiencing similar challenges, where I could gain clarity and be able to take a leap to the next aligned step in my purpose.


I truly believe that having the right circle of women around you is the biggest life upgrade you can take right now to stay strong and thrive.

I wished I could find a community that…

created strategic collaboration opportunities to build a perfect business faster, easier, and with way more flow

prioritized relationships so there were trusted people to turn to during the great and not-so-great moments in business

was truly inclusive and created space for vulnerability and allowed you to show up fully as your true self

That’s Why I Created A Community
That I Wish I Would Have Had….
To Help You Build Your Business Legacy

The Legacy Lounge Collective is THE community that will support you to rise into your business legacy.

After experiencing life-changing growth in my own business and helping countless clients reach their unique business goals, I realized to unlock the next phase of your entrepreneurial journey, you need to combine smart tactics with genuine and strategic relationships.


What I know to be true is that community is an important part of receiving the support we all need to navigate through life and business….

Hi, I’m Tiffany!

After 15 years in the corporate world, working with global brands like FedEx, Addias and Burt’s Bees, I struck out on my own to help highly-motivated women entrepreneurs create their Legacy Brand™.

But my most profound passion is to empower women to step into their Legacy, and to begin living the life they dream of. When my clients kept asking “what’s next?” after being in my group program, I felt called to create a container for women to connect on a deep level, while scaling their businesses.

THE LEGACY LOUNGE COLLECTIVE is a one-of-a-kind community.

Think of this legacy-focused group of women as a blend of a networking membership, a true mastermind, a sisterhood circle, and expert, peer-led trainings to guide your business growth, such as:

wealth creation

brand building


business growth

balanced lifestyle

personal development

soul alignment


and so much more!

What’s included?

You’re a busy woman, so I’ll get to the point. You don’t need to be in 20 networking sessions, co-working sessions and happy hours each and every month to get epic results. Here is what you will experience in the collective:


Kick Off The New Year!

Relationships don’t happen overnight, but they can go deep, quickly if you’re intentional. In this one-time online kickoff session, you will immerse yourself in the LLC culture, talk through your business and connect with the other amazing women in the community.


Peer-Led Trainings

Looking for training on how to build your email list, write your copy or sell authentically? Check the portal and learn from your colleagues! Rather than inviting guests in to teach, EVERY member is encouraged to teach their most impactful training in the group. This is true co-creation at its best. And of course, advertising - because we hope you hire experts from within the community and work with one another! The trainings will be evergreen in the Collective portal so new members have access and can continue to learn from your wisdom in the future!


LoveSeat Sessions

Monthly Mastermind sessions with Tiffany and your fellow peers! Receive coaching on your stickiest business challenges, ask market research questions or get input on new offers. These coaching sessions will be guided by our Founder, Tiffany Neuman but will be ran as a TRUE MasterMind, where all in attendance are sharing their expertise to support one another.


Private Community

The backbone of our culture is our private community. The Collective is hosted on Heartbeat - because no one wants the distractions of Facebook notifications when you are living your best CEO life! This is a place where you can promote your offers/services/products, share collaboration opportunities, celebrate wins, ask for help and simply be YOU.


Networking Mixers

Every other month we will host a members-only networking event that allows everyone to get to know each other on a deeper level. Think break-out rooms, prizes, networking and celebration. These will coincide with our quarterly themes and allow for integration and sharing to elevate the overall experience of the collective.


Quarterly Intensives

In addition to the insightful trainings from your Collective Colleagues, quarterly intensives will provide a deeper dive into a specific topic that tends to affect all business owners. We will have internal or external experts provide their genius depending on the topic, such as Launching, Mindset, Scaling, Publicity, etc. These are 3-hour sessions hosted by Tiffany that you will NOT want to miss!


Legacy Lovenotes

Take your CEO days to the next level by starting each and every day with a love note in your ear from Tiffany! We all know how important it is to begin your day in a high-vibration and these juicy drops of inspiration are the gift that keep giving, to encourage you along the journey. These are easily accessed via a private podcast and are sure to uplift and motivate you on the daily.



- Receive a free ticket to Legacy Launch Intensive in January to plan out your 2023 offers and marketing strategy (value $1497)
- Receive other surprise bonuses throughout the journey.


Legacy Lounge Directory

See who is in your network and reach out to collaborate! Note we have a no solicitation policy - so this is not a tool to go and pitch everyone. That being said, we DO expect you will find new clients, business besties and partners in the mix - but we agree as a community to do it with love and tact.

Ready to step into your Legacy, with other rockstar women by your side?
Think about it – it just takes ONE.

One collaboration, one client referral, one golden nugget from a mastermind session, one personal growth breakthrough, could pay for your investment 10x over.

Enroll in the Legacy Lounge Collective today!


12 monthly installments of just $167

Pay-in-full for 12 months: $1997

Upgrade to the Legacy Lounge Collective Accelerator

Want even more support and to mastermind in person with Tiffany?

There are 9 spots available for high-level 1:1 support which INCLUDES a Fun and Freedom in France in-person retreat!

You will be part of the Legacy Lounge Collective and receive all of the above, PLUS:

A 3-day mastermind event location TBD in Q2 2024 (value $8,000+)

A 3-day mastermind event in France in May of 2024 (date to be announced soon). See all the details HERE. (value $8,000)

A 2 hour, 1:1 breakthrough session with Tiffany (value $2,500)

Exclusive group mastermind sessions with Tiffany and other Accelerator members (value $3,000)

Special bonus gifts (value $500)


12 monthly installments of just $757 or
Pay-in-full for 12 months: $8,997

The Legacy Lounge Collective Manifesto

It’s not just strategy or what you need to DO, to get results.
It’s who you need to BE that will move the needle.

We are becoming Legacy Leaders and the best version of ourselves,
so we can create a positive ripple effect, together.

The Legacy Lounge collective agreements

Below are our policies, the goals we have, and how we will work to achieve them.

We promise to stick to the following values and expect you to do the same.

Co-Create Everything

Every voice in the Legacy Lounge Collective matters. Each member is invited to share their genius by having their training featured in our membership portal. We survey often and hold open meetings to find out what is working and what needs to change so we can add new content, events and resources as the world and online landscape changes. Ultimately, we revere one another for the amazing souls we are and ensure everyone is being seen and heard.

Collaboration over Competition

A rising tide lifts all ships. Collaboration improves competitiveness by building trust and allowing for new innovations. We share ideas, build on each other's knowledge and support each other on our journey. Working together can help identify new sales opportunities, promote cross-selling, and collaborative marketing promotions between members.

Simple and Personal

We are not here to only share complex business principles, or provide education that does not move the needle. We are here to support each other from experience and guide one another to make the RIGHT choices for our unique personalities and businesses, to succeed faster. We are here to find our own path to a business that aligns with our vision and values, while respecting that we all have our own concept of success.

Inclusion is a Verb

Diversity and Inclusion is not just talk, it’s taking action. LLC is creating a network of women with a diverse range of ages, races, geographic locations, sexual preferences and religions. We celebrate multiple approaches and points of view. We believe diversity drives innovation, and we’re building a culture where difference is valued. We create a safe environment for everyone to feel comfortable being their authentic whole selves.

Mindset Matters

Mindset is the foundation of creating a Legacy with our businesses and is just as important as skillset, networking, and finances. Women in LLC learn and embrace a growth mindset and help each other overcome speed bumps. We believe women entrepreneurs are unstoppable when obstacles are removed and we surround ourselves with positive, proactive peers that lift each other up.

Higher Purpose

We believe we are here to serve a higher purpose and that creating a Legacy is more than having a profitable business and lifestyle we love. We commit to giving back and working towards creating a just and kind world we know is possible. We support each other to become more visible and share our wisdom so we can raise the vibration of the planet and empower the next generation.


What we do on a personal level is vital to healing the world.

We are representatives of what we seek to create.


We can’t create a just, equitable, sustainable and peaceful world if we ourselves are not embodying justice, equitability, sustainability and peace.


Without intentional awareness, we ride the waves of upheaval like corks bobbing along on a storm-swept sea.


And part of the adventure of the human condition is remembering that we are NOT hapless objects drifting along in a storm-swept sea…

But it isn’t as simple as some “gurus” claim.

✔️ It takes more than “thinking” to create our reality.

✔️ It takes getting into aligned action and embodying the reality we seek to experience and create.

✔️ We have to consciously lift our energy up to match the world we want to be living in.

✔️ When we are embodying higher frequency energies, we are resilient.

✔️ We can act deliberately, with great intention, awareness and consciousness.

✔️ We can stand in the shadow and acknowledge it. Look at it. And shine our Light into it, giving us the ability to truly lift up the world.

✔️ We acknowledge the contrast yet stay focused on taking the highest path and continually stepping into the next highest version of ourselves.

✔️ We create our LEGACY by committing to be our best selves, by being in community and surrounded by powerful women who believe in and support one another.

✔️ The more we ground ourselves in sustaining higher energies, the more we lift others up, the more we lift the world up and the more we sway the outcomes of even overwhelmingly challenging circumstances towards peaceful, good-for-everyone outcomes.

Future Vision/Giving Back

At the Legacy Lounge Collective, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to create a profitable business and legacy lifestyle. We know that depending on your gender, race, age, sexual preference or where you live, you might experience higher rates of discrimination, sexism and racism.


We want to remove those obstacles. We are working towards creating the LLC Fund to provide scholarships for female entrepreneurs who face even greater obstacles in growing their businesses.


Our goal is to have 100 members in the Lounge by January 2024, which will then allow us to provide these opportunities, as well as create a GIVE BACK Fund in which the collective will choose various charities to donate to on a quarterly basis.


 Member Today!

If you know a woman or women that you would like to have by your side and who would be a perfect candidate for this container, you will receive a FREE MONTH extension to your year-long commitment for each woman who joins!