Tiffany Neuman

Founder. Creative Director. Mom. Adventurer. Legacy Maker.

Using my experience as Creative Director for Fortune 500 brands such as Burt’s Bees, Adidas, FedEx, Stoli Vodka and many more, I left the corporate world on a mission to help business owners who are on their path to success, all the way to those who already have 7-figure businesses to create Legacy Brands to match their BIG visions.


The Legacy Brand Method™ was created to capture your personality and create a more compelling, impactful, and inspiring presence and has been featured in various media outlets such as Forbes and Entrepreneur and has been said to redefine the way we look at branding.


Maybe it’s because I’m a curious adventurer who isn’t afraid to jump off tall cliffs or hurtle down white water rapids, but I love helping business owners like you to push the edges of what’s possible for your brand, unraveling exciting new opportunities.


Project Manager. Lover of Checklists. Coffee Enthusiast.

Amy Edge is the quintessential best friend of change-makers. She complements the blue-sky audacious goals of her visionary counterparts with her detailed approach to business. She blends her skills of project management, team leadership, and GSD attitude into the equation to help achieve (and exceed) their business goals. Through this strategic partnership, she helps businesses increase profit, empower their teams, and scale their businesses to create generational wealth that supports and empowers our future entrepreneurs while building their own legacy.

Amy is also the founder of The Rising Sisterhood movement, the book, and community, the “Collective.” Through this platform, she desires to curate a platform to celebrate, empower, and lift up our ‘sisters’ as we navigate toward changing our narratives and stepping into our greatness.

You can find her latest project at or on Instagram at @amyedgeco. And, for a peek at her daily life visit @heyamyedge


Website Design. Tech Fairy. Mom of 4. Daughter of God.

Javelyn Consorte believes that equipping yourself with the strongest armour, strategizing offensive plays and considering all that you can accomplish is the best way to face your fears. As T. Harv Eker says, “If you want to make a permanent change, stop focusing on the size of your problems and start focusing on the size of you”. She is a firm believer of the importance of continuous learning in one’s professional growth. Thus, her passion for learning and her persevered attitude has ultimately led her to become a tech fairy and website designer.


Javelyn helps 6 -7 figure coaches with their tech needs and designs both locally and internationally. Previously working at a local microfinancing insurance company for 8 years, she pursued the online market as an avenue to sharpen her skills, share her experience and serve her family. Javelyn received her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in Western Mindanao State University in 2008. She is a wife and a mom to 4 beautiful kids.


Javelyn considers herself a tech savvy who is adept in online marketing, web designs, multimedia presentations. Her successes in this business will inspire and motivate men and women in all walks of life to reach your dreams by taking an action in your life.


Content Manager. Lead Storyteller. Always Singing. Wannabe Hippie.

With more than 10 years of combined professional marketing, communications, and management experience, Alix brings a unique combination of skills and insight to the online space. She has a background in performing arts and enjoys working with and learning from renowned artists, creators, storytellers, and educators.

A content manager, who loves to get to the heart of a good story,  Alix helps leaders and business owners in the creative fields step away from time-sucking content-related tasks so that they can step into their fullest potential as artists, storytellers, thought leaders, and community builders! 


Her first love is music and the performing arts—with two degrees in voice performance, it should be! Her second is organizing and executing on key communications projects and strategies that move the needle forward for creative visionaries.


Copywriter/Editor Extraordinaire. Dog Mom. Business Bestie.

Starting as an entrepreneur in the beauty industry for over 20 years as a hairstylist, salon owner, and national sales educator for companies in the hair industry, speaking on stages to other salons and luxury retailers, Charlese had a major life change.


An emergency back surgery in December 2018 changed everything. She retired from hair, sold her home and focused on recovery and starting over. This is when she dug deep into her passion of writing and storytelling, taking courses and working her way up to helping 7 figure clients achieve million dollar product launches with the right words.


As an experienced professional Copywriting and content creator, you will see her work all over professional websites and yours is next!


Social Media Maven. Repurpose Wizard. Nature Enthusiast.

Patricia Banuelos is a heart-centered content creator and social media manager who helps women repurpose and streamline their social media content so they can focus on their zone of genius.


The COVID-19 pandemic progressed her love for creating passion-led content, social media management, and storytelling which naturally evolved into her business. It inspired her to work collaboratively with people who share the same enthusiasm to make a social impact and inspire the younger generation.


Her mission for each partnership is to ensure that she delivers work to a premium level yet remains authentic and aligned to the business vision.

Patricia has worked alongside award-winning businesses, six-figure entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and thought-leaders across the globe and continues to work alongside some of them today. She has also spoken in virtual workshops about repurposing and streamlining content, as well as building an authentic community.


Senior Developer. Web Expert. Father & Husband. Loud Music Lover.

Since Jake was a kid, he always loved building legos, puzzles, and putting things together. He especially loved challenges where all the little pieces being apart seemed so chaotic and messy, but when it all came together, it looked elegant, sleek, and just like how it was supposed to.


Jake got into development as a secondary career path after his pursuit of becoming a music producer fell short. Almost 10 years later, development was definitely the right path he was meant to take.


After working for large and small corporations, SaaS companies, agencies, and even freelancing, Jake has seen it all when it comes to websites and web applications. His technical skills are unmatched, but more importantly, his ability to go above and beyond for each and every client is what keeps the business coming.


Graphic Designer. Design Nerd. Film Lover. Karaoke Sing

Growing up, Jessica always knew she wanted to pursue a creative career. She initially dreamed of becoming a professional writer and filmmaker, but she gradually discovered her passion for design and decided to major in Advertising Arts at University of Santo Tomas. 


After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, she immediately went on to work for large corporations in the apparel industry as a graphic designer and art director. She then challenged herself a few years later by studying web development and UI/UX at Vancouver Institute of Media Arts to maximize her design skills, expand her knowledge, and keep up with the changing times. 


With more tools added to her belt, Jessica now works with brands to create solid concepts and meaningful design solutions. Her goal is to help you craft or elevate your brand through careful research and great visual design.


Partnership Strategist. Intuition-Driven Living Coach. Seeker of Sunsets.

Crecia Cipriano is a partnerships strategy coach and intuition-driven living advocate who helps passion-powered entrepreneurs claim joy like it’s their job (because it is!)


Crecia combines a 17-year career in education and ed leadership with 6+ years of coaching experience — as an instructional coach for teachers, a strategy + messaging coach for affiliate partners, and an intuition-driven living coach for her personal clients.


She’s got a writer’s soul (and an MA in Oral Traditions) and loves to help partners craft copy that tells stories our ideal students lean in to listen to, so they can start to understand the powerful possibilities available to them when they choose to intentionally build their legacy brand.


With her unique background as a public school teacher turned intuitive coach and partnerships strategist, she’s able to hold space for your big goals and help you pave the path there with small strategic steps that honor your inner wisdom, experience and expertise.


Crecia loves to help partners dig into the powerful connections they have with both Tiffany and their community and create aligned and personalized promo plans that feel like such a joy to carry out.