Kisma Orbovich

Kisma is a prolific business owner and already had an amazing business and following. Yet she realized she had a disjointed brand after working with various freelancers over the years. We had the pleasure of doing a deep dive to uncover Kisma’s essence and creating a coherent and consistent online presence.


Your Legacy Brand

We helped Kisma go from 37 courses in Kajabi and branding that was “frankenstiened” to 4 distinct brand pillars and a signature framework. This allowed her audience to easily recognize where she could help them rather than be overwhelmed by options.


Making a commitment by establishing your unique framework is taking a stand. It’s declaring to yourself and the universe that you’re ready for action.


It allows you to stay focused and have a strong foundation to build your house (AKA business upon).


A commitment to your brand is also a path to freedom and joy because you no longer have to question it!


Kisma is now free to serve and create with ease because she has a Legacy Brand in place.

My mission is big and I knew I needed support to align my message to reach the right people and be able to grow exponentially. Creating a Legacy Brand with Tiffany was absolutely the answer!


We built and designed our own Legacy Brand website!

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