A Podcast Experience Hosted By Tiffany Neuman

This is more than a podcast. It’s an experience that will elevate you. 

Each month we’ll dive into a new topic on branding and business complete with solo episodes, guided visualizations and meditations so you can integrate concepts, PLUS interviews with Legacy Leaders who open up about their journeys to greatness. 


Your business is a reflection of your genius. 

Your brand is the doorway to your everlasting legacy. 

If you’re ready to use your brand to reach your wildest business dreams, you’re in the right place.

Podcast launches April 11th.



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THE Guide to Leave a Legacy!
Tiffany Neuman and this podcast are a blessing and a light! If you're looking for a guide to inspire you to take meaningful action on your path toward creating your lasting legacy, this is it! You've found it here. Tiffany gives incredible advice and action steps toward creating an amazing brand, business, and Legacy!
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New favorite show!
Tiffany's approach to branding and legacy is a breath of fresh air. The clear takeaways make this show very actionable - inspiration is good, action is better! Love it.
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10-minute episodes that get you thinking AND acting!
| love how Tiffany shares powerful insights, gives clear guidance, and creates opportunities for meaningful action in these fluff-free yet never rushed episodes. What a treat to be able digest and act on each ep in one go, instead of adding more 'to finish" episodes to my already overflowing list. | love that the season is split into monthly themes, and that wee get a special guided meditation each month! This isn't like any other podcast I've listened to before, and | love it!

Savvy entrepreneurs understand that a crave-worthy brand is any business’s most important asset. Yet most struggle to create the powerhouse brand that they deserve. The type of brand that will help them make a bigger impact and drive incredible growth over the course of a lifetime.

Known for “redefining branding,” Tiffany Neuman has led Fortune 500 companies to new branding heights, helped countless entrepreneurs achieve clarity and develop their own Legacy Brands, and has been featured in top publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur.
If you’re looking for the answers on how to create a brand that has everyone obsessed, tune in as Tiffany guides you through lessons taken straight from her expert playbook, The Legacy Brand Method™.

Join me in The Legacy Lounge every Monday! 

Subscribe Now to Make Quantum Leaps with Your Brand and Business!

Join me in The Legacy Lounge every Monday! 

Subscribe Now to Make Quantum Leaps with Your Brand and Business!

Hi, I’m


I help highly-motivated, mission-driven entrepreneurs and influencers create their Legacy Brand™ that will impact the world for generations to come.

My clients like to think of me as their permission slip to make massive shifts and quantum leaps in their business, transforming them from “entrepreneur” into “legacy.”


As a successful entrepreneur who has worked with Fortune 500 brands and 6- and 7-figure business owners, a mom, and a curious adventurer who doesn’t balk at jumping off cliffs or hurtling down white water rapids – I love pushing the edges of what’s possible for your business and brand, unraveling exciting new opportunities and indulging your wildest dreams.

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