Corin Hinderegger

Your Legacy Brand

Shifting Client Attraction

Corin came to us with decent visual branding, but she knew it didn’t feel right. Something was off with her messaging, and she was attracting clients that were not ideal or aligned. We first worked to re-evaluate her vision and values, then re-wrote her messaging, developed a magnetic brand story, and elevated the already existing visuals and website.


This resulted in a massive shift within Corin’s business, and now she easily and effortlessly attracts ideal clients that resonate with the new brand.

“Tiffany is a true master at her work, and I am deeply grateful; she helped me feel at home with my brand and helped me create so much more ease.


I worked with a branding coach previously and it was just not quite right. I felt confused and frustrated as everything was all over the place and not streamlined. It did not feel like me. I felt disconnected and I attracted clients that were not aligned.


Everything shifted when I went through the Legacy Brand Method. I finally feel like my brand reflects me and I am attracting clients I love!


Tiffany and her team went way above and beyond, and I can’t recommend them highly enough, truly a rare gem!”


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Corin's Legacy is to help women truly embody their soul's purpose. The new logo and visuals in her Legacy Brand reflect this mission.


Corin Hinderegger

As a Soul Purpose Catalyst, Transformation Guide, and Medical Intuitive, Corin brings clarity and flow to successful women who are at a crossroads in their lives. She helps women embody their soul’s purpose, so they can claim their own definition of abundance, joy, and freedom.

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