Elaine Lou


Elaine Lou is a Business and Career Coach for Women of Color and their Allies. She helps women create a business, career and life they’ve always dreamed of, while making a massive impact and breaking down barriers.

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"I came into the experience not sure what to expect. With Tiffany’s support and genius, I was able to walk away with a brand that feels like ME. I am only working with my ideal clients, and feel aligned with everything I put out there. I had a SOLD OUT LAUNCH during the pandemic because my messaging and values are so on point! I truly feel like I am making a difference, and I’m doubling my income this year even during a pandemic!"

Your Legacy Brand

Elaine lives in California and came to us with a typical boss-babe, pink vibe. It was ok, but didn’t truly represent who she was. As a first-generation immigrant to the US, she wanted to reflect that in her brand. She also wanted to go from simply being a “career coach” to niching to support women of color. With our support, she is now known as a thought-leader and go-to coach for WOC, and their allies. We loved creating this socially conscious brand!

“I had a SOLD OUT launch during the pandemic because my messaging and values are so on point!”


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