“Abundance is directly tied to the value you provide and the difference you make in the world.”

—Tiffany Neuman






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Stop what you’re doing! Hold the phone! You’re giving value away! Listen in now to this episode to learn how to claim your abundance and build your Legacy.


When I work with my clients, one of the first things we do together is to identify their personal and business values. 


Why? Well, it relates to your Legacy of course! 


If you can identify the values that are most important to live your life and run your business by, then you have a better chance at paving a clearer path toward your Legacy for yourself and your business. 


The most common values that come up among my clients are FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE. 


In this episode, we are focusing on abundance and how oftentimes, it is inextricably linked to your legacy. 


Think about this: I’ve found in my work with my clients, and in my own business, that oftentimes the skills and characteristics that are valuable within us are our blindspots. They’re the things that we shrug off as easy. The things that we think come naturally to everyone else. 


Well, I have a surprise for you! Those things that come naturally to you, definitely don’t come as naturally—if at all!—to others. Those traits, skills, characteristics, mindsets, you name it…are valuable and are linked to your potential to attract abundance.


For example, I’ve been almost five years since I left my corporate creative director position for my entrepreneurial journey, yet it wasn’t until the past year or so until I fully owned the value of my own work. This is something that happens to all of us! I’ve been there.


I want you to know that your whole life and business will change once you you truly understand the value of the unique way you can serve people. And when you’re able to articulate it clearly? That’s the real magic. That is when you truly are able to create abundance financially, emotionally, with time and relationships, and really all areas of your life.


That’s pretty cool, right? I dig more into this idea in the podcast AND offer you an awesome exercise where I have you answer these five questions, not once but twice from two different view points: 

  1. What are you an expert at and what do you know more about than most people?
  2. What are your skills and abilities? What do you do better than most people?
  3. What have you accomplished up to this point that other people respect and admire you for?
  4. What things do you currently have that other people would love to have?
  5. What do you currently do for free that people would pay you for?


And here’s what you’ll take away from this episode:

  • Understand how abundance impacts your Legacy
  • Learn how to identify your unique skills and characteristics
  • Create a vision for what skills you want to put forward in your business one year from now
  • The one question that you should ask everyone you’ve ever worked with to help get you closer to your flow of abundance 
  • How to rise above the competition and stand out in the crowd…for real


I usually reserve these types of exercises and advice for my clients, but this podcast is a big part of my Legacy and I am so excited to see how this episode impacts how you show up in your life, business, and the world. 


Together, we can make an impact and leave a Legacy that will shape the world. 


Favorite quotes from this episode: 

“A person or business is powerfully positioned when they have a message that is clear to the value that they bring to their clients, and it’s branded and marketed in a creative way. When that’s the case, there is no competition.”


“True abundance comes when you stay in your lane, stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and thinking, and position yourself as a true expert.”


“You have to take charge and claim your abundance. Nobody else is going to give you permission, and nobody else is going to do that for you.”


“Abundance is directly tied to the value you provide and the difference you make in the world.”


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