“You deserve to live the life you love, not what you think you should be doing or what everyone else is doing.”





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We’re getting a little bit personal on the podcast today. 


Why? Because this month we’re focusing on VALUES, and your core values not only guide your business, but they guide your entire life.


But don’t get the wrong idea, what we’re NOT doing this month is creating corporate – sounding value statements that, at the end of the day, are meaningless. 


No, in this month’s series, we’re focusing on uncovering the values that have a real impact in your life. The values that give you clarity on your life and will help inform every decision that you make. 


Now you might be thinking that you already have your values locked down. Or maybe you just think values are boring, and that you’re looking for branding advice that will really make an impact on your business. 


I hear you. But I want you to know that if you do take the time with me to work on the idea of values from a Legacy BrandTM perspective, things will start happening for you. Good things, Beautiful things. Your life and business will expand. 


Let me just be totally honest. In my experience with Fortune 500 brands and top entrepreneurs I’ve found that if a brand’s values aren’t in conscious alignment then none of the other marketing tactics that are being put to use will work for the brand and business. They just won’t. 


I’ve seen more times than I can count. Business owners try every marketing trend — pinterest, reels, LinkedIn, Facebook Ads, a new website….you know what I mean — and they just don’t work. But when they finally come back to do this foundational work on their values, they gain the clarity and confidence that they need to go back out into the world. And when they try all of those same marketing tactics? Finally, and amazingly, they work like a miracle. 


And it all starts with your values. 


That’s why in today’s episode of The Legacy Lounge Podcast, I’m asking you to go on a personal journey. Don’t worry I’ll be there to guide you. Here’s what we’ll touch on this week:


  • The 3 Truths about Core Values
  • My personal journey of discovering my core values (it was a long road, including a big wake up call that ended with me in the hospital…in kidney failure)
  • The single question that will have you reassessing your whole life
  • How to break away from the expectations others have placed on you and start living the way you want to live
  • My thoughts on the pandemic (don’t worry, they’re not political) 
  • An invitation to open up your journal to prepare for next week’s episode
  • …and so much more!


Favorite quotes from this episode


“Values are the compass that guide everything we do.” — Tiffany Neuman


“Once you start living by your values, life will shift in the most beautiful of ways.” — TN


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