“Your legacy is about more than just what you accomplish. It’s also about the way you treat people, the values you live by, and the positive impact you have on the world around you.” — Emerson Neuman



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The podcast turned one year old and we are celebrating with a bit of a bonus episode and a special guest!
In 2022, I launched this podcast on my daughter’s birthday because she is a big piece of the legacy that I am creating and leaving behind everyday.
As another year of her life has passed and been filled with so much joy and growth, the podcast has also taken a full turn around the sun. We’ve covered everything from finding your values to understanding what a legacy really is.
Today Emerson is joining me to share a few words of wisdom and encouragement! She’s excited to share her thoughts on legacy with you. Tune in for a short, very adorable and very inspiring message from the coolest 8 year old I know.
Favorite quotes from this episode:
“Remember, your legacy isn’t just about what you do, it’s about who you are.” — Emerson Neuman
“Keep dreaming big and always strive to make the world a better place. You never know who you might inspire along the way” — EN
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