“Let’s give you the skills and the power to really harness money as a tool to get what you want.” — Katherine Pomerantz




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What’s your money story? Do you avoid your account statements like the plague and hope by the end of the month you have enough to cover your bills? Or are you obsessed with every penny and feel anxious around spending?


We all have a money story and today we’re talking with a complete expert on how we can all work toward telling a better story with our money.


Katherine Pomerantz is money mentor and accountant for creatives-turned-business owners, and teaches her clients (including me!) how to communicate with money, so you can harness its creative energy and make it work for you.


In this episode of The Legacy Lounge Katherine and I talk all about:


  • Money storytelling, what it is, and how it can impact your business
  • Real world cases of how Katherine turned problematic money stories in to profit making money stories
  • How to have less chaos and mess in your business finances
  • How you can reclaim your power and realign with our values by getting in the driver’s seat of your money
  • Why money and legacy-making are inextricably linked
  • Katherine’s advice for conquering tax season
  • …and so much more!


I’m so excited for you to meet Katherine—I know you’ll feel inspired to look at your money from a new perspective!


Favorite quotes from this episode:


“Working on my own money mindset and the finances in my business has really helped me grow and expand.” — Tiffany Neuman


“Every significant life event is accompanied by a significant financial event.” — Katherine Pomerantz


“Without realizing it, people can reveal a lot about themselves just in the way they talk about their experience with bookkeeping or their experience with the tax system” — KP


“The way you treat your money tells me a lot about your values.” — KP


“More money will not fix it. You cannot scale chaos.” — KP


“Money is a powerful teammate to get what you want.” — KP


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Connect with Katherine on her website, take her quiz, and get your action plan.


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