Ashley Bernardi

Ashley “had it all” – the successful journalistic career of her dreams, a thriving PR business of her own, and the perfect family of 3 sweet little girls and a wonderful husband. Until she found out she was dying from a debilitating mystery illness that took over 30 doctors to successfully diagnose. She’s turned her journey into a life-changing book and process for others to help people step into their authentic power in every single area of life.

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“I came into the process thinking that my personal brand and my media company were two separate things but they actually segue so beautifully together.

I received so much clarity by going through Legacy Brand Foundation. What I love is that Tiffany helped us get this clarity through her expertise as well as the other members of the cohort.”

Ashley Bernardi

Author of “Authentic Power”

Your Legacy Brand

Ashley came to us as she was planning her book launch and realized that her website for her business was not going to serve the purpose of positioning her as a thought leader in order to get her book on the best-seller list. She yearned to combine her passions and create a brand the encapsulated all her passions but was not sure where to begin. Through the Legacy Brand Method, we helped Ashley gain clarity and create the brand she always dreamed of.

"I couldn't see how my multi-passionate and diverse offers could work together. Working with Tiffany and team was magical and I couldn't be happier!"


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