Feel Amazing Naked


Amanda is a women’s nutrition and lifestyle coach, transformation mentor, root cause ninja and educator, all wrapped into one. Her mission is to help busy women feel amazing naked.

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Your Legacy Brand

Like so many enterprenuers, Amanda “built the plane while she was flying it” and DIY’d her brand and website when she started her journey.

After some success and growth, she knew she needed to uplevel to truly reach her big goals.

We worked with Amanda to develop the words to call in her perfect clients and to create clarity on her offers, naming conventions and more.

We also worked to position her as a thought leader by developing a separate amandawalker.com website with her media and speaking.

It was a joy to help her streamline her messaging and bring a whole new level of WOW to her visual presence.

"I finally feel like I have a brand I can be proud of. I am more confident and LOVE that my team is supported to help maintain the brand and my voice by having all the assets and messaging nailed down."


We built and designed our own Legacy Brand website!

If you’d like to learn how we can help with yours