Authors Who Lead

Authors Who Lead helps leaders write bestselling books that people love. Azul and Steve guide and support leaders to create a book that positions them as an expert and grows their authority.

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"We never stepped back to look truly look at who we are and who we serve on a deep level. We found ourselves wiping away tears of joy as we went through the process and we are so grateful.

We felt guided, supported, and it was an easy and playful process. The brand manual itself is worth a million bucks. It clarifies everything about who we’re trying to target and the messaging that’s exactly aligned with our ideal clients.

For people wanting to level up, if you’re really trying to grow a premier business, going through the Legacy Brand Foundations™ will help you scale with ease. We can’t recommend it enough!"

Your Legacy Brand

Azul and Steve have helped people like Pat Flynn write best-selling books and while they can help others create impactful messages, they felt they were too close to their own brand to find their Legacy Brand.

They never took the time to get clear on their mission, values and brand story so they themselves could stand confident as leaders in their space. Through our Legacy Brand Foundations, Authors Who Lead and their sister company, Mandala Tree Publishing are the clear choice for entrepreneurs who wish to write a best-selling book. We feel blessed to have created this fabulous Legacy Brand!

“The brand manual itself is worth a million bucks.”


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