Selena Soo


Selena is a publicity and marketing strategist entrepreneurs, experts, and authors who want to impact millions their message.

She’s helped clients and students get featured in places like O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Inc., and land interviews on popular podcasts and national TV.

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“The brand for Impacting Millions was disjointed. I wanted to launch with a bang but didn’t even know how to go about it.

It was such a dream to work with Tiffany. The look she developed was beautiful and made me so confident going into the launch, which turned out to be a 7-figure launch. If you’re looking to up-level your brand, I highly recommend working with Tiffany”

Selena Soo Publicity and Marketing Strategist + Founder of Impacting Millions
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Your Legacy Brand

Long Term Brand Strategy

Tiffany began supporting Selena in 2019 to take the Impacting Millions brand to the next level. To create a new and fresh perspective for the launch, we created a vibrant campaign that positioned Selena as the Guide, whom made it as the ultimate Influencer. Someone who had the connections, the know-how and the drive that her ideal clients aspire to.

In 2020 we adjusted the brand slightly as Selena had been traveling the world with a campaign for Impacting Millions focused on making a global impact. Although the core foundations remained the same for our initial rebrand, the goal was to show Selena’s freedom and amazing lifestyle which her ideal clients aspired to.


We also developed new logos that aligned with the Impacting Millions established brand for new offers that created a cohesive branded system.

Selena moved to Puerto Rico which informed the theme of the 2021 Impacting Millions campaign. Again the foundations of the brand stayed in tact, while the bright colors shifted and tropical prints were added to reflect her new adventure. To address the changing times in the world, the campaign was based on being “Stronger Than Ever”.


By taking the brand from disjointed to aligned and next-level, Impacting Millions has continued to grow and has been a 7-figure + launch each year. We love that we can help be part of the ripple effect in supporting entrepreneurs be seen as the expert in their niche through publicity, which goes hand-in-hand with a strong Legacy Brand. We are proud to have partnered Selena to develop her Legacy Brand!


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