Elizabeth Hartke

Luminary Leadership Co.


After being an entrepreneur for many years herself, Liz found that so many entrepreneurs build their dreams only to look up and realize it came at the expense of everything that actually matters.


She knew there was a better way… so Liz and The Luminary Leadership Co. is dedicated to cultivating and elevating this generation of leadership.

“This process gave me such a boost of confidence. I can now see into the future of my company. Up until working with Tiffany, I had aspirations and dreams, but I couldn’t see how the dots would all connect because the brand was so disjointed. Sometimes you come across someone with a gift, it’s hard to put your finger on it. I’ve been in business for 10 years and have worked with different brand strategists before. This was so different. Tiffany’s strategy is incredible, but it’s her intuitive nature, her gift makes it a no-brainer to work with her. If you want to truly create a Legacy with your business, you need Tiffany in the process.”

Elizabeth Hartke Founder and CEO of Luminary Leadership
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Next Level Brand

Liz came to us with not one, but two successful 7-figure businesses. One in fitness network marketing and the other as a business coach, helping entrepreneurs to scale.


It wasn’t that her brands had not served her, they simply did not FEEL RIGHT any longer. She wanted to serve others on a higher level to a more elevated audience and create her long-lasting LEGACY.


She realized it had been on her heart to upgrade to running a leadership-driven company. We mapped out her vision, offers, and naming conventions. That’s when Luminary Leadership was born. It was a truly magical experience to watch this new legacy unfold before our eyes..

After our two days together, Liz signed on with Your Legacy Brand Team to continue with a full manifestation of her legacy brand. We developed the messaging, logos, visuals, and a fully custom website and branded assets.

Luminary Leadership’s core message says it all:

“We believe entrepreneurship is being done wrong, and we are here to disrupt that.


We’re doing that for you, for your kids, for the life you feel called to live.


Welcome to Luminary Leadership.




Liz and her team went right to work while we completed the brand, making the necessary changes. After all, we had differentiated the business as a disruptor!


Marketing started as Liz teased the new brand with quality content, quietly shifting into the new direction. Behind the scenes she sent out gorgeous, high-end branded gifts, spreading the message of Luminary Leadership to her customers and partners.


She’s since gotten booked on TOP podcasts, and the word is spreading like wildfire!

That enabled her to fill her high-level, high-ticket Luminary Leadership Mastermind WITHOUT a formal launch all while tending to her clients, farm, and three children.


Their next offer (which also was birthed during the branding process), Raising Luminaries, is the first-of-its-kind parenting mentorship program for entrepreneurial parents, to help them parent the next generation of leaders.


Talk about Legacy! We are so proud of this project and honored to have been part of the process of helping Liz bring Luminary Leadership to life.


We built and designed our own Legacy Brand website!

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