Sonya Perez

Impact Cultivator, Change Expert, Leadership Coach

Enabling motivated change agents to expand their leadership potential by providing the insight, support and accountability for strategically and joyfully created change.

Your Legacy Brand

My mission is to shift the paradigm of leadership development toward caring for the whole individual, one leader at a time. I can help you to become the confident, effective and joyful leader you want to be.

I know how it feels to be overwhelmed by your inbox and feel overworked to the point where your physical body suffers and your emotional and mental energy is maxed out.

I lived and worked in spaces where social justice was the priority and exhaustion was normalized. They went hand in hand in my mind and I never considered a different way.

I was so committed to the mission of fighting global poverty that I didn’t stop to take care of myself and I didn’t know that my relentless effort and hard work was actually damaging my capacity to lead effectively and authentically.

My accomplishments and hard work didn’t provide the confidence or inner peace as I took on new challenges. My perfectionism, dyslexia, and feeling like an outsider as the only Latina kept me in a state of struggle.


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