“The voice is the muscle of the soul.” — Alfred Wolfsohn





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One of the first and most influential things you notice about someone is their voice and how they use it to express themselves: their accent, mannerisms, gestures, phrases, cadence, and tone.


Our subconscious makes assumptions about these various pieces of information in seconds and whether we like it or not these assumptions tend to stick with us. 


You might be asking yourself, “Okay, but WHAT in the world does this have to do with branding, Tiffany?”


Kind of everything, actually.


If you’re on a mission to create an authentic Legacy Brand that connects deeply and meaningfully with your audience, then you need a fantastic, reliable, totally unique – to – you brand voice!


Now I’m sure you’re thinking, “But, can’t I just speak in my business the way I speak in real life?”


Of course you can. All I want to do is help you further define your Brand Voice, which is all about finding that sweet spot between how you speak in your everyday life, and how you want to show up for your clients and audience.


Developing a brand voice will never take away from your originality! In fact, it will only enhance it. 


And the truth is, you have a brand voice whether you’re using it or not. So, why don’t you start refining and using it so that you can truly stand out among the crowd? 


Top thought leaders and even the entertainers you admire have honed their own brand voice — and whether you are aware of it or not, that’s the main reason why we love them. They’ve done the work to look inward to draw out their brand voice and use it consistently! 


And in today’s episode of The Legacy Lounge Podcast, we are diving into how you can develop your brand voice too! Here’s what I’m covering today — all within the span of 25 minutes: 


  • My tried and true 5 Steps to Define Your Brand Voice
  • The actual definition of brand voice
  • What it takes to create an outstanding brand voice. 
  • Why brand voice can help you stand out and save you time
  • How brand voice can help you increase your sales and engagement
  • The number one mistake entrepreneurs make when it comes to their brand voice, and how to avoid it!
  • The important step that I insist everyone take when creating their Legacy Brand
  • …and some controversial opinions from yours truly (don’t worry they’re all related to branding!)

Get out your pen and paper — this is one where you’re going to want to take notes — and tune in to learn about how to start defining (or refining) your brand voice now! And remember to tune in to the next episode where I will walk you through the Seven Elements of the Legacy Brand voice to help you truly fine tune your brand voice!


Favorite quotes from this episode: 


“Simply put, your brand voice is the way your brand sounds.” — Tiffany Neuman


“Your brand voice is much more important than your visual brand.” — TN


“Just like a logo, your brand voice is a facet of your brand’s unique personally. It helps your brand stand out rather than blend in.” — TN


“Having a unique brand voice matters because it makes all of your communications memorable and recognizable to the audience that you serve.” — TN


“Defining your brand voice is all about finding that sweet spot between how you speak and how you show up for your audience.” — TN


“When it’s done right, a brand voice has the power to tell you everything you need to know about a brand, quickly, and to make a lasting first impression.” — TN


“Being a broken record is actually a good thing.” — TN


“You have to have consistency in the way you communicate.” — TN


“Having a brand voice is about using language to create a bridge between you and your audience. The point of a brand voice is not just to sell, but to inspire, motivate, and empower your audience to make decisions.” — TN


“Don’t force yourself to adopt phrases and tones of voice that don’t feel right for you, especially if everyone else in your niche is using them.” — TN


“If you’re only speaking to one person, you’re not really speaking to anyone.” — TN


“Do market research. Don’t skip this step.” — TN


“Tell your inner critic to chill. Tell her that she’s done her job and you’ll call her when needed.” — TN


“There’s room and space for empowering and impactful thought leaders to rise up.” — TN


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