“My writing is what I will leave behind and how I’m able to make an impact in my business.”

Tarzan Kay, Legacy Leader and E – mail Marketing Expert


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What do we mean when we talk about your “voice”? Is it different from your “brand voice”? How do you find it? Most importantly, how can you use it in an ethical, authentic, and totally true – to – you way?

Luckily for us, Legacy Leader Tarzan Kay joined me in The Legacy Lounge to help answer all of these questions and more. 

Tarzan and I go all the way back to 2016, when we were both just starting our businesses and in the same mastermind. Over six years, we have both experienced incredible growth and change in how we operate our business and how we use our voices to share our message with our audiences. 

It’s been so cool to witness Tarzan’s evolution — she has quite a story to share.

Tarzan is an e-mail marketing expert and copywriting queen who is finding new ways of marketing that serve the many instead of just the few. Ways that don’t leverage nail biting, FOMO, and made-up scarcity but instead allow for the possibility of joy, true connection and radical honesty.

She’s done the work of finding her true voice for herself and her business, and she’s ready to help us do the same…and share tons of great advice on how to implement the most current and best e-mail marketing practices in your business.

We cover a lot of ground in this 30 – minute conversation, including:

  • How your e – mail and content copy can change lives
  • How to be more conscious and avoid harmful tactics in your e – mail marketing and launch strategies
  • Tarzan’s weekly e – mail copywriting process
  • Why your e – mail list will make you more money than your social media followers any day of the week
  • The difference between copywriting for e – mail marketing and social media marketing
  • The benefits of a small subscriber list 
  • Why it’s critical that you actively and consistently nurture your subscriber list
  • What to do if you’ve ghosted your e – mail subscribers 
  • ….and more!

If you’re ready to find your authentic voice and take action in the e – mail marketing and copywriting areas of your business, I invite you to block out 30 minutes to sit down with Tarzan and me in The Legacy Lounge to talk about all things voice and conscious messaging.

Favorite quotes from this episode:


“My writing is what I will leave behind and how I’m able to make an impact in my business.” — Tarzan Kay

“The first thing I want to say about voice is that everybody has one.” — TK

“Your voice is something that gets stronger with the more writing that you do.” — TK

“It takes practice to allow your voice to shine through and come through in a way that feels effortless.” — TK

“E-mail is a humane space where you can really connect with people and build relationships.” — TK

“If you’re not nurturing your current subscribers, your list growth efforts are futile.” — TK

“The use of persuasion (in marketing) is an issue of social justice.” — TK

“When you use people’s conditioning against them, you take away their ability to make conscious decisions.” — TK

“I always trust that the right people are going to show up at the right time for what they truly need.” — Tiffany Neuman

“E-mail is a great space for nerdy introverts.” — TK

“You need the numbers to make sales. You don’t need the numbers to make an impact.” — TK

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