“She doesn’t beg, force, or chase. She prays, works, and has faith.”

 — Unknown Author





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I don’t know about you but when it feels like a shit show in the world, I get more fired up to make a bigger impact. 


And I truly believe it is the entrepreneurs in the world who are up for this challenge.


Sure, there are some days when I feel sad and overwhelmed by all of the things that have gone wrong and everything that needs to be made right. But I always return to center and the things that I know to be true. 


And for me, as an eternal optimist, I believe that things only get worse so that they can get better on the other end!


One of those things that I have gone on my own personal journey to learn about is Slowing Down To Speed Up, which is what I’m talking all about on the podcast this month! 


If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, you have likely been sucked into the “hustle culture” of it all at some point or another. I know I was for years. 


But my friends, I’m here to tell you today that this is no way to live. Hustling will only get you so far, and I’d go as far to say that the hustle culture sets up a dangerous internal belief system that teaches you that worth and success are tied to how hard a person works. 


Recently, I’ve felt the industry awakening from this idea of hustle culture. We’re slowly but surely emerging into a greater truth and understanding of what freedom can mean in our businesses and, ultimately, in our lives. 


In today’s episode, I’m getting personal so that we can break down and understand this shift in our industry, and I’m also sharing:


  • A secret that I’ve been keeping about my summer plans
  • Three questions to ask yourself honestly so that you can slow down to speed up in your business
  • The biggest thing you can do to actually making progress in your business
  • A great book recommendation for your summer reading list
  • My thoughts on current industry trends 
  • …so much more.


Favorite quotes from this episode: 


“I truly believe it’s the entrepreneurs who can work together to actually create a positive impact, and specifically as women, we are called to rise up during these times.” — Tiffany Neuman


“It’s possible and the magic will come.” — TN


“Taking the time to set up your brand for the long run allows you the space to continue the pattern of slowing down to speed up.” — TN


“If you’re not careful, your business can begin to run your life.” — TN


“Once you take action, you will begin to see results.” — TN


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