“You can leave a legacy, but you can also live it now.” — Tiffany Neuman





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It is such a joy to watch my clients flourish after they receive clarity from going through my Legacy Brand Foundations® program. 


And my client Dawn Loding? She is absolutely flourishing. In fact, her signature program that she developed inside of the Legacy Brand Foundations is called Freedom to Flourish Foundations. 


Dawn came to me knowing that she wanted to make an impact on the world that both included her real estate business and extended beyond it…but she wasn’t sure how. 


She knew she needed clarity when she found me and took a leap of faith. (I might also call it her first quantum leap.) 


She decided to invest in clarity and joined a cohort of mission – driven, heart – centered entrepreneurs for a 12 – week journey of self development like she had never experienced before (and she has been an entrepreneur in real estate for more than 20 years!)


Beyond her incredible positivity and zest for life, Dawn is a realtor, industry leader, mentor, and advisor, and she provides a pathway with real estate for women to find their passion, follow their dreams, and live their best life. 


This week, I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Dawn for a 25 – minute conversation all about Clarity. In this episode we talk all about: 


  • How Dawn achieved clarity in her brand, business, and life goals in just 12 weeks
  • Why brand clarity is worth the amount of time and effort you have to put in to get it
  • Why you shouldn’t wait to start thinking about the Legacy you want to leave behind in your business…
  • …and why you should start thinking about your Legacy right now (hint: life is just too short!) 
  • How Dawn uncovered her brand and flourished in the same year
  • Dawn’s powerful life story and the reason she decided to write her first book, Step Into Your Brand, releasing in October
  • The single Google document that led to Dawn’s biggest business discovery
  • How gaining clarity can be a game changer for your brand and business
  • …and so much more! 

After listening to this episode, I hope that you feel inspired to take action, even if it’s simply moving the needle 1% towards the direction of your Legacy.


Favorite quotes from this episode: 


“I have everything that I need now to do exactly what I know I was meant to do, and I’m doing it and am so super grateful.” — Dawn Loding


“In the end, I got my brand guide with all of my messaging in it. It was like you read my mind and got in there, but we did the work together, and so that helped me figure out what Freedom to Flourish actually is.” — DL


“And so Freedom to Flourish Foundations was born, and that is what you helped me name it…Freedom to Flourish has stuck because I finally found the freedom to flourish in my life and I want to be able to help other women know they could do this” — DL


“I wanted to break the cycle of scarcity and of living in survival mode for my family. And so leaving this legacy and building something to actually be able to help my boys and their families, to actually be able and show them that they can do whatever they want…that’s the legacy that I want to leave for them.” — DL


“You can leave a legacy, but you can also live it now.” — Tiffany Neuman


“I answered all these questions that you had, and it just led me to a place where I discovered I have so much to offer. I could help so many people with all of this. I do know something.” — DL


“I got clarity, I got confidence, and I found my purpose. I literally now have a purpose to be here.” — DL


“Clarity is really the thing that people most want and need in their lives to find their purpose, to take action, to get through being stuck and get to the other side.” — TN


“Creating a Legacy Brand mapped the way. It literally showed me exactly what to do and what to implement.” – DL


“I’m so glad that I took the time to get the clarity, because now I have a business that I love. I have the freedom that I can now go and create and do more things than just real estate.” — DL


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