“Inside each of us is a natural born storyteller waiting to be released.” — Tiffany Neuman





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Messaging. It’s a big topic to cover.
So of course, I’m taking on the challenge this month to talk all about brand messaging!
I get tons of questions about messaging all the time, and for good reason! It’s overwhelming. There can be so much to consider and it seems like there are so many pieces to weave together to create a messaging strategy that will impact your business.
But there’s a simpler way to connect with stories that will bring your audience in to you, instead of feeling like you have to push your marketing messages out and hope for the best.
Today, I want to simplify your thinking around brand messaging and introduce you to a step-by-step messaging strategy that works.
In this quick 15-minutes episode, I’m packing a big messaging punch. You’ll learn all about:
  • The story about my first time manifesting a dream (I was 20 and having my first sushi experience in New Orleans)
  • The real reason why you might be seeing a dip in sales or leads
  • The key to success in your brand messaging, that also happens to be the most powerful tool in human communication. (It’s something to get excited about, trust me.)
  • How to create a message that builds trust with your audience
  • A few reasons why your messaging may be falling flat
  • My step by step guide to telling great brand stories that will resonate with your audience
  • Prompts to help you discover stories that are worth sharing


I hope you’re ready to get excited about telling your story to the world!
Favorite quotes from this episode:
“Storytelling is not about the storyteller, it’s about connection.” — Tiffany Neuman
“If you want your brand to make a real, lasting connection, tell stories instead of simply pushing messaging.” — Tiffany Neuman
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