Your brand story is supported by your ability to lead and enhances your ability to stand out as a thought leader in a competitive online space. 


However, many entrepreneurs don’t consider themselves leaders. Which is how I often find myself having conversations with business owners about how they actually are leaders even if they don’t feel like it. And even more, they have infinite potential to become thought leaders.


So tell me, do you see yourself as a leader?


Whether you believe you are or not the truth is that if you have your own business and are serving clients, you are a leader. 


Are you interested in becoming a thought leader?


I invite you to tune into this episode of The Legacy Lounge for a visualization on leadership that will leave you feeling grounded and confident, and will help you:

  • Get centered and calm
  • Consider questions that will guide you toward your authentic leadership style
  • Visualize your thought leadership journey
  • Acknowledge and release limiting beliefs
  • Respond to inspiring journal thoughts to help you find clarity 


I hope this short meditation provides you space to imagine your life as it could be as a thought leader.


Favorite quotes from this episode:


“Believe in my belief in you. You are here to serve a purpose..” — Tiffany Neuman


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