“The way you stand out is through your brand story.”

— Kristen Westcott





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After the pandemic hit the world (and a serious case of overwhelm hit her), Kristen Westcott wanted to feel like she was doing something bigger. She wanted to create a Legacy.


Enter yours truly and the Legacy Brand Foundations® program. At least, that’s how we first met.


Kristen Westcott has blossomed into a Legacy Leader over the years that I have known her and she has an incredible story to share.


Kristen is a copywriter who helps online coaches and course creators increase their sales with ethical, conscious copy that attracts and converts their ideal clients. She’s passionate about helping female-owned businesses thrive in an online culture that rewards hustle and “hard work.”


Oh, did I mention that I also hire her to write copy for some of my own client’s websites? Yes, she’s that good. I trust her completely with Legacy Brand copywriting.


Needless to say, Kristen is an expert at consciously weaving together brand stories and personal stories into beautiful copy that connects with your audience in a way that makes them feel hopeful and confident.


Leave the bro marketing behind and join Kristen and me in The Legacy Lounge today to hear all about:


  • Kristen’s own personal story and brand story, and how she beautifully weaves them together in her own business
  • How to know whether your brand story or personal story should take the spotlight in your business marketing copy and communications
  • Why you should think twice before using that countdown timer or marking up your payment plans in your next launch
  • Two practical tips to implement into your brand story and marketing copy that will make you instantly more accessible and ethically minded, all while reducing harm to your potential clients
  • Things to remember when you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious about your personal or business life that will instantly help you feel more calm and at ease
  • …and so much more!

After listening to this episode, I challenge you to implement the tips that Kristen recommends to make your copy on your website more ethical and inviting for your audiences!


Favorite quotes from this episode: 


“The way you stand out is through your brand story.”—Kristen Westcott


“Don’t downplay your story.”—LF


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