If you are not where you want to be, do not quit. Instead, reinvent yourself and change your habits. — Eric Thomas





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As business owners we often find ourselves saying, “this is my year.” But we don’t always have a sound plan to reach our lofty goals. 


More often than not, we think that trying really hard will get us there. We think that if we just keep grinding and doing the same thing everyday consistently that we’ll eventually get there.


Friends, today I’m here to burst that bubble. I’m here to tell you the hard work and grinding all day, everyday isn’t going to get you where you’re going. 


Maybe you’re working toward your goals (and even hitting them!) but you know you could go further. You’re just not sure how. 


In this episode of The Legacy Lounge podcast I’m telling you exactly how you can make this next year the best one yet. All you have to do is understand the power of REINVENTION!


Reinvention may sound intimidating, but it’s surprisingly simple and totally achievable. Let me tell you how. 


After listening in today, you’re going to hear:


  • The same story I use to kick off my signature Legacy Brand Foundations® program
  • The reason why working harder at your goals isn’t the only path to success
  • Five actionable ideas for rejuvenating your business with positive vibes
  • Why it’s critical to avoid stagnation at all costs
  • Why your pricing shouldn’t be static and why the pricing gurus aren’t always right
  • How the coffee industry was completely reinvented and changed forever, and how it relates to your business
  • Introducing the idea of a “category of one” and a budding idea of my own
  • A moment to envision what your success in the next year will look and feel like
  • The best way to fast track your success this year—and it starts in February!

My hope is that this episode inspires you to reinvent and revolutionize your business growth and strategy!


Favorite quotes from this episode:


“There’s never a ceiling in life when you choose to see that where you are is enough.” — Tiffany Neuman


“The more imaginative your vision of your next level, the more you can call into being.” — TN


“Being an entrepreneur is one of the biggest self development processes you can go through, and so is branding.” — TN


“Uncertainty and change are part of reinvention.” — TN


“Stagnation is deadly to innovation and reinvention” — TN


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