If you are not where you want to be, do not quit. Instead, reinvent yourself and change your habits. — Eric Thomas





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Are you tired of running on the hamster wheel of authenticity? Do you struggle to understand how sharing about what you ate this morning on Instagram can translate to leads for your business?


Constantly trying to figure out how to be more “real” and what personal experiences you can share online in the name of authenticity can feel exhausting. Why is that? 


I’m going out on a limb today to tell you that the way we think about authenticity in business is not all it’s cracked up to be and why it is definitely not the answer to your marketing or sales problems.


Have you  considered what authenticity online really means? Yes, there are experts who encourage all entrepreneurs and business owners with an online presence to show up in an authentic way. But what does that really look like? How does one accomplish “authenticity” online? 


There’s a lot to unpack around this buzzworthy term and we’re doing it in today’s episode of the Legacy Lounge podcast. This episode packs a punch! In under 20 minutes, we’re diving into all of this and more:


  • Defining authenticity and understanding what that means in terms of leadership
  • Why authenticity is not equivalent to brand power, or staying power in the online space
  • How a client went gave up her obsession with using the term authenticity in her messaging to embracing actions that would reinforce her value in the world
  • Understanding the one thing that your audience wants from you that can be mistaken for authenticity but it is NOT authenticity
  • Why your business is not about you
  • Ways to actually become the leader you want without having to lean on authenticity to get there
  • …so much more!


I hope the information I share in this episode frees you from the authenticity trap. I hope it guides you toward a new sense around what your audience actually needs and wants from you (because it is not authenticity)!


Favorite quotes from this episode:


“When you’re told to cultivate an online personality that promotes its own authenticity, that just doesn’t feel right.” — Tiffany Neuman


“The celebration of authenticity in leaders is not only unwarranted, it can be counterproductive” — TN


“Being authentic is pretty much the opposite of what leaders should be doing.” — Jeffrey Pfeffer, Author of Leadership BS


“Authenticity is a trap” — Seth Godin


“It’s not a slogan that makes us feel seen.” — TN


“As the landscape of online business continues to evolve, we are only going to see things like bro0marketing and fake authenticity fall away and leaders who are truly genuine and of service stepping up.” — TN


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