Visualization is a powerful exercise to make your biggest, most wild dreams and plans seem more real and closer than they might feel in the day to day. When working on reinventing themselves, their businesses, or their habits, this is a key practice that I often recommend to my clients. 




When you’re working hard to pivot or change in any part of your life—like when you’re building the foundations of values-based brand—it’s hard to see the small progress you’re making toward your goal let alone feel like your ultimate vision will ever arrive. Visualization and meditation exercises will help remind you that you are in fact closer to your goals than you may seem!


In this episode of the Legacy Lounge, I have created a meditation and visualization exercise just for you—during your time of reinvention or any time you need a reminder of your goals—so that you can:


  • Develop and ingrain a body-mind connection
  • Visualize achieving a short-term and a long-term goal
  • Notice what it feels like to obtain your desires
  • Practice gratitude and self love


I hope you’ll join me for this episode so that you can experience the fruits of all of our reinvention work and be reminded that your vision is indeed on its way!


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