Do you ever feel like you’re not meditating the “right way”? Maybe you feel annoyed or frustrated when your mind inevitably wanders to your to-do list or what you’re making for dinner that night? Maybe you leave the meditation only to realize you didn’t hear a word of the guidance?


All of these feelings during meditation and visualization exercises are completely normal! Even people with a regular meditation practice experience these thoughts and feelings.


But today, I want to let you in on a secret of how to make every meditation valuable and worthy of your time. 


Before you even sit down or close your eyes, you have to set an intention for your meditation. 


When you focus on an intention instead of an outcome your perspective on why you’re meditating shifts and releases you from any pressure or expectations that you put on yourself. 


In today’s quick 5-minute meditation on self compassion, I want you to set the intention to be patient and kind to yourself so that you can:


  • Settle your nervous system
  • Open up to being more compassionate toward yourself
  • Learn new mantras that will help you develop a practice of self compassion
  • Experience what compassion feels like in your body
  • …so much more!


I hope this guided meditation allows you to warm up to expanding and deepening your commitment to loving yourself and being more compassionate toward yourself. I hope in this meditation you can better understand how to fill your cup so that you can overflow into your loved ones and your business.


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