“When you’re embracing what’s weird, you are embracing your destiny.” — Miriam Schulman





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Do you ever wish that you could let the weird parts of you out to play more often? Maybe you’ve wondered how to have those wonderfully strange and unique parts of you shine in your brand, business, or products? 


In the spirit of self love and self discovery, I’m welcoming an incredible guest and expert on embracing your inner weirdo on this episode of The Legacy Lounge podcast. 


Miriam Schulman is an artist, author, and business coach whose work has been featured in publications like The New York Times, What Women Create, Art of Man, and Art Journaling magazine by Stampington. She’s an entrepreneur who has built a multi-six figure portrait art business who also teaches other artists to follow in her footsteps through her coaching business and brand new book, Artpreneur


Miriam is not only a one-of-a-kind coach for artists and creators, she brings such a unique perspective to conversations around discovering what you love about yourself and your work and presenting that to the world. 


I had such a blast talking with Miriam all about:


  • Her number one secret for fulfilling your destiny 
  • A fun and surprising fact about the origin of the word weird and why it’s actually cool to embrace your inner weirdo as an act of self love
  • A taste of Miriam’s favorite chapter of her brand new book, Artpreneur
  • Why your sales increase when your business is aligned with your values
  • What Pretty Woman (yes, the movie) has to do with your business
  • How underwear brands can be a lesson for selling your products and services
  • Why you shouldn’t treat your brand or business like Snow White
  • Miriam’s thoughts on how legacy is connected to art
  • …so much more


I know after listening to this episode that Miriam will inspire you to get creative in your business and embrace all of your wonderfully weird parts. Perhaps you’ll discover a new way to express your self love?


Favorite quotes from this episode:


“A confused mind never buys.” — Miriam Schulman


“Whenever we are lacking belief in our buyers, we are acting like those mean salespeople in Pretty Woman. And yes, that’s a big mistake.” — MS


“Embrace your inner weirdo.” — MS


“When you’re embracing what’s weird, you are embracing your destiny.” — MS


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