“The more we can lean into intuition, the more we embrace and accept the divine timing.” — Whitney McNeill





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Have you ever gotten to that point in your business where you just feel stuck? You’re feeling drained, not having much fun, or enjoying a ton of freedom? You know that all you need is a little bit of guidance to get you back on track, but you’re not sure where to turn.


We’ve all been there. Entrepreneurship, owning a business, or just being a human today is not for the faint of heart! But we have resources available to us in ways that might be surprising to you!


In this episode of The Legacy Lounge podcast, I invited a very special guest to tell us exactly how we can find more fun and freedom in our lives and business—through our intuition!


Whitney McNeill is a spiritual teacher and psychic medium who teaches spiritually ambitious souls how to connect to their Spirit Guides and take action from their Intuition, so they can live their life purpose and fully step into their spiritual gifts and the most abundant version of themselves.


In this 45-minute episode, we got to talking about all things intuition, spirit guides, and….


  • Whitney’s personal story of intuitive awakening that happened over the course of 4 days
  • The one thing you have to lose in order to open up to your intuition
  • Three mindset shifts and affirmations to attract more abundance into your life and business
  • Methods to better understand and improve your relationship with money
  • Tips to know exactly what to charge for products and services
  • How to identify your intuitive language
  • …so much more!


I know after listening to this episode that Whitney will inspire you to tune in to your own intuition and maybe even connect with your spirit guides? Listen in now!


Favorite quotes from this episode:


“We can’t just be giving all the time. We actually need to take time to process, to integrate. When we take breaks, we get inspired.” — Whitney McNeill


“A lot of us think creative energy has to be active, and it doesn’t. Rest is the place where we go back into the creative energy.” — WM


“Your guides are always working in your favor.” — WM


“We have to design our business based on our energy” — WM


“When we follow our intuition and we connect with our spirit guides, we can create our own way to do things based on what feels really good.” — WM


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