“Your intuition is your biggest asset.” — Tiffany Neuman





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Traditionally, we consider a good decision to be one that is made from careful consideration of data and facts that have been thoughtfully collected and analyzed over a period of time. Right? 


While, of course, data and factual information should always be consulted when making decisions, these are not the only tools available to us when it comes to making choices about our personal and professional lives. 


In fact, there’s a powerful tool that can be found within each and every one of us, especially women. A tool that can be sharpened and honed over time to help you lead you in the direction of success and down the path toward your legacy. 


In this episode of The Legacy Lounge, we’re talking all about your intuition and why you should be using it more inside your business. I promise it’s not crazy and has the potential to make a real impact. 


Tune in to this snappy 12-minute episode to find out:


  • Is intellect really more trustworthy than intuition?
  • How can you honor your intuition in business?
  • What’s one way that you can speed up the decision making process?
  • Why data shouldn’t be your only decision-making resource
  • How to stop missing the signs your intuition is trying to send to you
  • …and so much more!


Go ahead and let your intuition be your guide—hit play!


Favorite quotes from this episode:


“Not all decisions can or should be made based on data alone.” — Tiffany Neuman


“’re looking to create a legacy and live a legacy now with your business. When you work to balance your emotional and spiritual brain and your logical brain together, magic will happen.” — TN


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