“I was diluting my messaging because I was trying to be for everyone.” — Alex Pursglove





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I love connecting with fellow women entrepreneurs who LOVE to talk about building a business through aligned action and a mindset of spiritual surrender. (Instead of those old tired hustle and bro-marketing strategies that have burned us all out, amiright?)


So, when I met Alex Pursglove, and learned a little bit about her journey and how it was so similar to mine, I knew I had to invite her into the Legacy Lounge to share some wisdom with you!


From embracing personal growth and shifting limiting beliefs, Alex Pursglove transformed from a people-pleasing, self-criticizing, and struggling solopreneur into an unapologetic and passionate woman running a thriving coaching business. Once she learned how to become more fully expressed, she 10X’d her business in under two years while strengthening her marriage, spirituality, and personal fulfillment. Alex is dedicated to helping other women make leaps forward in business by accessing their divine intuition, cultivating conviction in their value, and becoming fully expressed.


In this episode, sat down with Alex to discuss all the juice-y ins and outs of what it means to be a woman business owner today:


  • Alex’s story about what made her leave the film industry to pursue her real passions
  • The one thing she worked on that totally shifter her business and sales
  • How to pivot from a hustle mentality to a mindset of surrender in your business
  • Signature Alex Pursglove coaching guidance and strategies to help you move your business forward in your own way
  • …and more!


I’m so excited for you to meet Alex—I know you’ll feel motivated to test out some of these methods!


Favorite quotes from this episode:


“If you start owning your value from the inside out, all the external results start changing in your midst.” — Alex Pursglove


“I’ve learned to embrace a more feminine approach (to business) of surrender. It means trusting in how things are unfolding, trusting in yourself, trusting in God or higher power to know that you’re being supported and that everything is working for you.” — TIffany Neuman


“Legacy to me is about helping other people recognize their beauty and their greatness within themselves so that they can keep passing that on to the people after them.” — AP


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