“My big mission in my business is empowering women to create wealth and opportunities for themselves and the people around them.” — Jessica Fearnley





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Don’t you wish you could just talk to an expert who knows exactly how to take business from the six – figure level to the seven – figure level? (And someone who does it ethically too?)


What about an expert who can teach you exactly how to work less while earning more?


Is this all just sounding impossible? Are you asking yourself, “How does anyone even do that?” Or maybe you’re thinking, “Yeah right, no one really can run a seven – figure business that way, they just say that they do.”


Well, my friend, today on the podcast I invited my new friend and fellow burnout survivor Jessica Fearnley to the show to talk with me all about slowing down to speed up. I can confidently tell you that there is a perfectly ethical and accessible way to work less while earning more on your way to your seven – figure business…and our friend Jessica has all of the incredible knowledge and resources to share with us on how to do exactly that!


Jessica is a business coach who helps six – figure B2B consultant women get to seven figures on their terms by working less and earning more. She’s received the honor of being one of LinkedIn’s top voices, among many other impressive accolades, and is the host of the Seven Figure Consultant podcast.


When it comes to up-leveling in your business, Jessica truly is an expert. And in our 30 – minute conversation, we covered a lot of ground:


  • Jessica’s burnout story that led her to starting her own business
  • How Jessica 5X’d her business in one year while also cutting her schedule in half
  • Jessica’s number one tip to help you work less and earn more at the same time!
  • Why having clearly defined values can help you make better decisions and build better teams
  • An overview of Jessica’s Four Stage Framework that she uses with her clients so that they can make the leap from six to seven figures in their business
  • What to charge for your least expensive high-level offer when you’re on your way to seven figures
  • How to learn more about the six elements of a seven figure business
  • A semi-controversial conversation on integrity and the online business world at large, as well as business strategies to avoid so that you can both build your profit margins and maintain ethical business practices
  • …and so much more!

After listening to this episode, I hope that you will be inspired to strategize in your own business to discover how you can slow down to speed up!


And here’s another little light that I hope you’ll let me share with you today: Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity, a brand new guide that I was called to create just for you to help you thrive during these times! 


I’ve been hearing from so many clients that they are feeling doubt and worry setting in due to the uncertainty in the world. And it’s been breaking my heart. I know that feeling because I’ve experienced it too. 


But I also know that it is possible to turn all of this uncertainty on its head to create opportunities for growth and development in your business and personal life. 


In this guide I share the 6 shifts that entrepreneurs need to make now to thrive, not just survive. 


It’s totally free because I believe the information inside will truly help you thrive. And when we all are thriving and living our best lives (even in through uncertain times), we create the world we dream about together.


So go ahead, download this value-packed guide, Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity and let me know what you think!!


Favorite quotes from this episode


“There tends to be a pattern with burnout. If you’ve experienced it once, you can go through it actually multiple times, and if you don’t get self aware enough to spot that it’s coming, it can just be something that actually your business can exacerbate.” — Jessica Fearnley


“It shouldn’t be like this. We shouldn’t be forcing ourselves through. We shouldn’t be wishing that calls will get canceled. It’s these little things that they can creep up on you.” — JF


“It matters how I feel.” — JF


“It’s not about building, because when you’re in the early stages of business, or even at six figures, it can feel like, “oh, my gosh, to get to seven figures, I need 1000 clients.” Who’s got time for that? That’s the problem. The model doesn’t work because we’re not actually pitching ourselves high enough.” — JF


“My big mission in my business is empowering women to create wealth and opportunities for themselves and the people around them.” — JF


“If you do the things that it takes to get to six figures and then try and do more of them to get to seven figures, it just does not work.” — JF


“The whole point of growing a business should be that it actually creates more profit.” — JF


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