“Right now, women, we are ready to arise worldwide because we are worth it and we have something to bring to the table. Now is our time.” — Samantha Joseph





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This month we have a BONUS episode of The Legacy Lounge Podcast — and my friend and client Samantha Joseph and I are giving you a sneak peek into next month’s theme. 


(Don’t tell anyone but the theme for September is, you guessed it, CLARITY!)


Clarity is one of my favorite things to discuss when it comes to branding. In my experience, my clients find me because they think they’re searching for updated visual branding elements but when I spend some time chatting with them we quickly discover that what they really need is some clarity on the direction of their brand and business. 


That’s generally where our work begins! 


Just like it did for my friend Samantha Joseph who joined me on the podcast for this episode to talk all about clarity and legacy with me! 


Samantha is a change catalyst, confidence cultivator, beauty mogul, mentor, and visionary. Her work in the world is to help women awaken on their journey to self discovery through personal development and self care.


She also went through the last round of my signature program, the Legacy Brand FoundationsTM, last year where she gained clarity and developed her signature Arise Method.


In this bonus episode, we talk all about: 


  • Samantha’s tips on how to start rediscovering and reconnecting with your inner self and your inner child
  • Samantha’s journey from beauty industry professional to women’s empowerment coach
  • Why it’s important for all women, especially mothers and wives, to make time for themselves
  • A few simple actions you can take right now that will help you feel more empowered and confident
  • How gaining clarity can be a game changer for your brand and business
  • …and so much more!


After listening to this episode, I hope that you feel inspired to take action, even if it’s simply moving the needle 1% towards the direction of your Legacy.


Favorite quotes from this episode:


 “Makeup, skincare and all that stuff is just meant to add to your beauty, not to create it.” — Samantha Joseph


“Right now, women, we are ready to arise worldwide because we are worth it and we have something to bring to the table. Now is our time.” — SJ


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