“A brand cultivates a feeling” — Amanda Walker





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If you’re feeling a pull toward a new direction in your business or are considering a pivot, this episode is for you!


In the spirit of reinvention, I’m welcoming an incredible guest and client on this episode of The Legacy Lounge who just went through a pretty significant reinvention of her own after she felt a tug toward a new direction in her entrepreneurial journey. 


Amanda Walker is a stellar coach in the online industry. In fact she is a Certified Master Coach and helps coaches and online service-based business owners help get their client results faster so they can make more money. She’s the host of the Best Damn Coach Podcast and runs the premiere coaching program for coaches, Better Coach.


Not only is Amanda a life-changing coach, she is the perfect model of how a Legacy Brand can not only support a big pivot or shift in your business, it can actually enhance it and make it easier!


When I say Amanda will change your life, I mean it. And today, we get to spend 30 minutes with her as she shares some serious wisdom about all of this and more:


  • How Amanda was able to pivot her business smoothly and with no drama or confusion
  • Understand why everyone is a coach
  • Learn about gaps in the online industry and how to use your expertise to fill them
  • Why feeling the need for a shift, doesn’t mean what you did before was wrong for you!
  • The spark that lit Amanda’s fire to finally listen to her gut and make the leap in her business
  • Reasons why you should and should not consider a pivot in your business
  • Tips and tricks from Amanda about how to deliver results
  • Why it’s important to build a culture of trust and legitimacy in your business, whether you plan on pivoting or not
  • How to stand out in a crowded marketing and become a category of one


I know after listening to this episode that Amanda will inspire you to take action in your business toward developing excellent offers and position yourself as an expert in your field.


Favorite quotes from this episode:


“We are all coaches. If we are parents, we are coaches. If we are colleagues, we are coaches. If we are friends, we tend to even wear the coaching hat.” — Amanda Walker


“We don’t need certifications to gain confidence. We need freaking action.” — AW


“Give yourself permission to evolve and don’t bring any baggage around it.” — AW


“A brand cultivates a feeling” — AW


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