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Every year in February, we get inundated with messages of love. A lot of these messages are driven by consumerism. Many are driven by cliché couple photos posted all across social media. And sometimes, if you keep your eyes open for them, there are the messages of love and light that can shine through the noise at this time of year. 


One of the foundational and well-known principles of being able to share love with anyone else is first being able to love and care for yourself.


That’s why for this series on the Legacy Lounge we are focusing on how you can show yourself and your business some love in ways you may not have imagined!


In order to love yourself (and create a brand that amplifies your self love), you have to first embrace everything that you are and release everything that you are not. You have to understand who you are, who you are not, and who you are becoming. While this is simply stated, it is not always easily accomplished. 


Self care and self love is a journey of self discovery that requires patience with yourself and the process—much like creating the foundations of a Legacy BrandTM. I have worked with many amazing, brilliant, and beautiful clients over the years who found this part of the branding journey the most difficult.


In this episode of the podcast, we are exploring some ways to do just that—for yourself and for your business! 


I know that you are a busy entrepreneur and business leader and that time for yourself comes at a premium. That’s why this episode is only 15 minutes long but we cover a lot of ground:


  • One of my favorite client success stories in self discovery and self love during a branding process 

  • Outlining exactly what it takes to find and love yourself—and how to showcase that within your brand

  • How I guide my clients to uncovering the most sincere version of  themselves to develop personal brands that stand the test of time

  • Why personal branding and branding for your business is a personal journey of self love

  • The single way that you can show yourself the most self love this Valentine’s Day—joining the next cohort of my signature program, Legacy Brand Foundations®

  • …and so much more!


So go ahead, take 15, and show yourself some love today by hitting play on this episode. You are worthy of it!


Favorite quotes from this episode:


“Celebrating the things that make you different is what creates unmatched mystery and magnetism.” — Tiffany Neuman


“You need to be vulnerable but not everything needs to be shared.” — TN


“There is nothing more magnetic than a woman who knows her worth.” — TN


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