“Putting content and visuals together and slapping them on Instagram doesn’t automatically create connections.” — Tiffany Neuman





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Connection is at the heart of all positive business growth. 


In order to grow you have to be connected to your:


  • Self
  • Values
  • Voice
  • Audience
  • …and so much more


But these days, connection doesn’t always come so easily and can seem futile, especially when running an online business. 


The truth is that the internet is a noisy place full of distractions and shiny objects. It’s normal to feel lost and isolated in this digital world! 


That’s why this month on The Legacy Lounge podcast I’m talking all about Connection and how to focus on the best and most intuitive ways to connect on a deeper level with yourself and your audience. 


This isn’t your cookie cutter advice that will tell you to post a specific number of times a day on Instagram or to meet certain DM benchmarks. And don’t worry, introverts, I’m not going to tell you to just “get over it” and start going to conferences to network!


No, I want to help guide you to discovering a strategy for connection that feels good to you! And we’re starting in this 15-minute episode where we’re covering all of this and more:


  • How to use nature’s seasons to benefit your business growth
  • My best tips for connecting with your ideal audience, clients, and business partners
  • Why you should connect with others to level up in your business
  • Explore the significance of a brand identity that can make connections with your audience
  • Why you shouldn’t always mimic those you admire
  • Why posting daily on social media isn’t always the best strategy


After listening to this episode I hope you feel inspired to move in a direction with your business that allows you to feel fully connected at all levels and experience growth like never before!


Favorite quotes from this episode:


“Your brand identity should be more than just a logo and a catchy tagline.” — Tiffany Neuman


“Approach social media with curiosity.” — TN


“In all that you do, be genuine.” — TN


“Don’t be afraid to show the human side of your brand.” — TN


“Creating valuable content that truly resonates with your audience is key to building those deep connections with your brand.” — TN


“Each of us needs to find our own brand voice, message, and cadence that works for us and our audience. — TN


“It’s a matter of attracting the right audience that’s in alignment with your message.” — TN


“Please, whatever you do, give back to your community.” — TN


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