“It takes a village to raise children and to grow a business.” — Tiffany Neuman





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How supported do you feel in your business?


According to a variety of studies and sources, women entrepreneurs face more challenges than our male counterparts, including gender bias, lack of access to opportunities and funding, among many others. 


But why? Historically, women have been outnumbered by men in entrepreneurial and business spaces, leaving women excluded from the closest insider circles of leadership communities. 


I mean, did you know that women essentially weren’t allowed to take out business loans until 1988!? That’s just 35 years ago!


Thankfully, we’ve seen a shift over the past years. More and more women are becoming entrepreneurs and leaders in their own lives and businesses. 


There’s still a missing piece though. Many women entrepreneurs are still isolated. Unsure of how or where to find a community that feels good to them! A community that is built on the principles of support, collaboration, and celebration. 


We all know by having access to a network of individuals who have been through similar experiences, we can receive the guidance and support we need. Because doing it all alone just means we are working harder.


That’s why in this episode of the Legacy Lounge podcast, we’re discussing the importance of surrounding yourself with a strong community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and:


  • Why I couldn’t find a mastermind that worked for me
  • The 10 essential benefits of surrounding yourself with a strong community and network
  • Why you should have many mentors from different backgrounds—and where to find them
  • The reason a traditional mastermind may not be the best fit for you—and tips for finding a community that fits you like a glove!
  • An invitation to start building up your supportive community this year!


After listening to this episode I hope you feel inspired to start finding your community! And remember, the door is always open to my listeners to step inside of mine. More links and information can be found below.


Favorite quotes from this episode:


“Communities are the most powerful coaches.” — Tiffany Neuman


“No matter what stage of business you’re in, you need support to continue to grow and evolve.” — TN


“The internet is only telling you what you want to hear. Real women will tell you their real experience, good and bad, and that can save you epic amounts of time and money.” — TN


“If you’re serious about your business, investing in a community that is supportive and motivating is key to moving past those periods when you are feeling stuck.” — TN


“We can overcome any obstacle if we have the right support” — TN


“Having a space for consistent networking that you know leads to business growth is of epic importance.” — TN


“Networking and referrals are truly the ground zero of building real relationships that lead to new clients.” — TN


“We have to come together to fight for our rights and to elevate one another. Collaboration over competition is our only answer.” — TN


“Engaging in consistent discussions around technological innovations, emerging trends, and their impact on business is not only interesting, it’s imperative.” — TN


“There is incredible value in diversity and different perspectives.” — TN


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Join me on May 16 for our Legacy Lounge Networking Mixer – it’s totally FREE and open to all women entrepreneurs who are seeking a supportive community.


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